Monday, March 8, 2010

Will it ever end???

So, I wrote my book. Then, like the super smart and sneaky person I am, I directly sent it to an (awesome) book doctor. I figured, being super smart, that this would cut out a lot of steps in the writing process, that she would show me the (very minor) changes that I needed to make, and perhaps be kind enough to tell her agent about me and we could get signed directly after a brief look at my (almost perfect) book.

Reality check. Of course, she had lots of great suggestions, but then I began to realize that I would have to rewrite the book. Crap. No matter, I quickly decided, I would rewrite it, make it perfect and send it off in a matter of months.

Except life happens, and the rewrite took quite a bit longer than I thought. Actually it was about three revisions before it was ready to have other people read it. But I did it. Whew.

Then, time for the beta readers; so far I have had two people read my book. They were very encouraging, and gave great suggestions... Yeah. Uh-huh. That's right. I now realize that I have to revise my book...yet again.

I really don't know how many revisions there have been so far--at least five. I love this story so much, that I would hate to see it become a novel "for the drawer", but at the same time, I think--do I really have the stamina to do this again? To revise again?


So. Much. Work. I had no idea. This truly is a labor of love.