Saturday, April 14, 2012

7-7-7 Challenge

The 7-7-7- Challenge

So I am notorious for not being the best blogger in the world, but for like the tenth time, my good buddy Lora Rivera challenged me to one of those tag-now-you're-it type of blog posts.

But this one intrigued me, to be sure. I hope you guys are as intrigued as I am! Here are the rules:

Flip to page 77 of your current WIP.

Find line 7.

Post the 7 sentences that follow.

Tag 7 more writers. The writers I chose are some new, some old Twitter friends. My seven writers are:

Lora Rivera
Amber Plante
Meredith Booey
Anne Hale
Kasie West
Editor Su

I hope you take part (it doesn't take long, I promise!), because I can't wait to see what others have written.

Page 77, line 7, and the 7 sentences that follow:

Caleb’s eyes never left mine. “Apparently I’m going to the Winter Formal.”
His face remained steady and placid, but my heart lurched as I made my face indifferent.

“Oh?” I said casually. “Who’s the lucky girl?”

Aidan broke in. “Come on, you can’t guess? Who likes our boy, here? Who’s been chasing him since he came to this school? Jenny Morgensten,” he finished, looking pleased with himself. “I set it all up.”

“That’s right,” Caleb said, slow and even. “Aidan set it all up. Isn’t that great?”

Ugh. First draft, people--be kind!
Now, I can't wait to see other people's 777 offerings...