Monday, October 11, 2010

The Last Year

So, I just realized that I started this blog a year ago. And...I have like four posts. And no followers. Yep. I pretty much suck at blogging. But if I'm going to do this author thing for reals, I figured that I might as well re-commit to blogging and give it another try. And since I'm pretending that people are actually reading this, I figured I might as well give my imaginary reader friends a review of what I've been doing the last whole year. Well, I've been busy. I guess that just goes with the job description when you have five kids (since I've started writing this, I've answered five math problems, wiped one behind, gotten four snacks, drawn a princess, and heard the word "Mom" five bajillion times), a job, and you are trying to write a book. Oh yeah, that's what I did--I wrote another book! See, I joined this amazing critique/writing group, made some great friends, decided that my ghost book needed a rest, and wrote another book, one that I think is pretty awesome. I wrote most of the thing in three months between April and July 2010, and I spent the rest of the summer editing it and shaping it up. Now I am querying it and I am terrified. Terrified, people. Well, actually not that terrified. The first two rejections were bummers, but now I figured I won't really start worrying until I get to fifty. That's the plan. And I've been really good at giving myself pep talks and trying to just focus on doing my best at everything, including writing, and trying to be happy and at peace with the process. Ha. If only it were that easy..... But that's another story. In the meantime, I am going to try to use this blog as a sounding board for things I think and need to talk about (like how obsessed I've been with The Hunger Games, and how freaking amazing Suzanne Collins is as a writer), reviews on books I've read, and maybe a little on writing and my road to publishing and... Okay. *breath* Small steps. Today I'll just write this little bit, and see how it goes. And maybe learn something about myself in the process.