Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Where do you like to write?

I guess we are all creatures of habit.

When I first started writing seriously, I had vague notions of setting up a cozy little space in my home just for writing--complete with cute plants, memorable quotes, and soothing, stimulating music playing in the background. Ha.

Enter reality. For much of the past three years, I have written at our kitchen table, laptop and papers, sticky notes and pens strewn about me. Oh, and kids' homework, school lunches, and the phone ringing in the background, constantly. And dogs, and neighbor kids.

But for some reason, it worked (maybe you shouldn't ask my husband this for verification, though). I enjoyed writing where I did, I could see what was going on, help the kids if they needed helping, and could see the birds at their feeder outside, making me feel more peaceful, I guess.

For this last month of revisions for my agent, I have taken to bringing the laptop with me, adn writing in the car, in between dance lessons, baseball, and preschool. Yes, the car. But it worked! And that was what was important. I came across an article featuring Lauren Oliver where she said that much of BEFORE I FALL and DELIRIUM was written on her phone while writing the subway. Her phone, people. (Amazing author by the way--DELIRIUM has been one of my favorite picks of 2011 so far. Can't wait for more...)

That, to me, is a testimony to creativity. You can train your brain to bring forth whatever is in your head and use the time that is given, however precious.

So, where do you like to write best? Is there anyone out there that has a super-fancy, cool writing room? Space? Car? Just wondering.


Kimberly Krey said...

This all sounds very familiar. Writing - you can never leave it behind. And I also bring it with me whenever I can. If I don't have the laptop, I'll even resort to writing on my hand if I have to, but usually I can find a receipt or random homework page, like you say, to jot down new tidbits (or entire scenes) that come to mind. Great post!

Kara said...

Writing on your hand--that is perfect! It seems like when your mind is flowing, the scenes come easier, just as you go throughout your normal day.

D. U. Okonkwo said...

Ha ha! Whatever it takes. We all have to do things that work for us. Whenever I get a burst of inspiration I bash it out on my BlackBerry then send it to myself.

Chantele Sedgwick said...

I write at my computer, in the car while I'm waiting for my son at school, at the dentist while my kids are getting a check-up. Everywhere, really. ;) I always have a notebook with me to jot stuff down! Nice to meet you!

Deana said...

in a perfect world I would write at a desk, but, like you, I tend to write where I can, carrying my laptop around like it is my ntoebook. Just this saturday I wrote in my van waiting for my daughter to get out of her play practice. I will take it where I can:)

Kara said...

Chantele, nice to meet you, too!And Deana, I was writing while my daughter was at play practice, too. Parallel worlds, here. :)