Monday, October 10, 2011

Write your Passion

"No tears in the writer, no tears in the reader." ~Robert Frost

When I was learning the craft of writing, I kept hearing how you should write what are you passionate about.  As an adoptions social worker, I am passionate about helping kids in the foster care system, kids who are available for adoption, and kids who are neglected or abused. So in hindsight, it came as no great surprise, that the first book I wrote and sought an agent for, (and the first book currently on submission) is FINDING PONY, about a teen guy and his sister who eventually get adopted.

There are over 500,000 orphans currently in the United States. Africa has the largest orphan population in the world, and with AIDS, that number is always rising. November is Adoption Awareness Month, and November 4th is Orphan Sunday. If you've always thought about fostering or adopting, think about it again. The need is so great. If you want to help but can't adopt or foster, consider volunteering, donating, or just getting involved.

They're counting on us.


unikorna said...

a very touching emotional post, I live in a country where there are also many orphans and they are not very well treated. This part of reality is very gloomy, I suppose that;s why I choose to write about fantasy. You must be very strong, only strong people can really handle such difficult issues...

Kara said...

What country do you live in? That is sad to hear.

Thanks for posting...and good luck with your fantasy writing--my favorite genre when I was younger. :)